I bought a Duracel 29hm battery at Sam's 16 months ago. When I got the battery home, it was dry.

I took it back to Sam's and they filled and charged it. It worked for a while but had to be charged if it sat for a week or so. A few days ago, I tried to start the motorhome it was in. There was a loud pop.

The battery cracked and shorted in my rv. I contacted Duracell and got rude emails from their customer service rep. No help. I told the customer rep that I won't buy another Duracel battery because they don't back their products.

He said that I could do what I wanted but they weren't backing the battery.

I told him that I would spread the word about Duracell not backing their products and he said for me to do whatever I wanted but Duracell didn't care.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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