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I have just opened my expensive LED LENSER flashlight to change the batteries (the Duracells it was supplied with). The light was still working, the beam just did not seem as bright despite not being used very much. The flashlight is less than 1 year old and the batteries have leaked inside. The expiry date on the batteries is March 2018

I have recently had to replace a Coleman lamp which was destroyed by leaking Duracell batteries.

Why waste money on so-called "top of the range" if they are no better than cheap no-name brand products?

I will never buy Duracell batteries again

Monetary Loss: $150.

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In the past 2 years, I lost 2 flashlights, a wall clock and an electronic thermostat due to leaking duracell batteries. Prior to that i found duracell batteries in my kid's toys that were at least 5 years old that had no problem.

Something has changed in the quality of the Copper Top. One thing has changed for sure, I have stopped buying duracell batteries


I hate duracell batteries because they leak


Perhaps it's a bit late but Duracell has a guaranteeprogram: http://www.duracell.com/en-us/battery-care-and-disposal/duracell-battery-guarantee

(found on http://www.flashlightuniversity.com/cleaning-a-corroded-flashlight/).

I have had a similar problem but trew the batteries away already.


Batteries which are drained of their energy will start to leak. Dropping electronics, moisture, a lot of other things can make a battery leak.

This happens to cheaper brands too, hits all of them. €150 in loss, have a great tip: contact cleaner. Buy a can, clean your electronics of the corrosion/ corrosive fluid. As Flashlights are simple electronics, the only "damage" is a corroded battery lip/ contact surface- which can disrupt the electric contact.

Clean it, instead of throwing away your flashlight.

Buy the cheaper brands, since they can be top notch, you just have to try some brands for good results. Think, research, and spend less time pissed off about a tiny first world problem.

to Anonymous #1028013

Are you kidding? I've been an electronics tech for 35 years.

More often than not, the corrosion is so thorough, that it strips all the plating off the battery terminals. I have seen the corrosive leakage damage the traces on circuit boards and affect membrane switches. Sometimes the batteries short out, and swell so much that you can't get them out.

Duracell and other brands of alkaline batteries have been leaking during normal use for years now.

It is NOT just when they are drained. When I was a kid, batteries leaked all the time, and battery manufacturers replaced the damaged equipment. Then in the 70's, 80's and 90's they appeared to have the problem licked. Now however the problem has returned with a vengance.

And the companies don't care.

Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic #875301

Same happen to me, Duracel good until 2014 total leaked out in my wireless gamepad :(

This is first time what i see something like this... budget battery never do this...

I will never more buy this battery, they are made in CHINA...

to RG23 #1397021

About everything is made in china since 2000

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